EMC FireFighting Tools and Clothing

Equipment Management Company provides a wide range of service for fire rescue products...

Hydraulic Rescue Tool Service - EMC provides a full repair service for all makes and models of hydraulic rescue tools. If you are having problems with your rescue tools, or just want to ask questions on the operation of your tools, just call our toll free number and an experienced technician will be glad to help.

Hydraulic Rescue Tool Maintenance - EMC provides a comprehensive yearly maintenance agreement for all makes and models of hydraulic rescue tools.  EMC will come to your department and perform the maintenance on site. While your tools are being serviced, EMC will lone your department a complete set of rescue tools, so you are never out of service.  For more information, please click here for the entire service agreement.

SCBA Fit and Flow Testing - EMC provides a systematic approach to the OSHA regulations regarding the maintenance of self contained breathing apparatus. We specialize in providing your department a complete annual maintenance agreement that keeps your department in complete compliance with OSHA regulations. Each one of your SCBAs will undergo a through inspection including, hydrostatic testing, fit testing, and flow testing.  All records of the tests will be combined in a report given to your department for OSHA inspections.  In addition, EMC retains a copy of the report, and maintains the reports for the life of your agreement.  If you would like more information on this please click here for the entire agreement or dial our toll free number and ask for our scba specialist.

Custom Tool Mounting -  EMC provides custom tool mounting for fire rescue vehicles.  We mount any type of tool in the vehicle from flashlights to hose reels to rescue tools. We can mount aluminum slide trays in the compartments, then mount your tools in the slide trays. Our service technicians will work with you to determine the best, most efficient placement of the tools.